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What it would be like to have some of the countries from Hetalia as parents:

  • If you got your heart broken:
  • Germany: Where is this boy? I would like to talk to him.
  • Italy: Aww honey have some pasta, it will make you feel better.
  • England: *sharpens sword from his pirate days* Does he know who I am?
  • America: Well if I had known he was going to break up with you I could have swept in and been the hero.
  • Japan: *blinks* Well that was a surprise.
  • Greece: Just take a nap for awhile, it will work out.
  • Romano: *glares* I'll kill him!
  • Spain: Don't worry this boy is just one of the many. You'll find love when you're ready.
  • France: Well he probably only wanted one thing. But you could always make him jealous by flirting with someone else near him.
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